American Wild Horse

We began with the Love of a Duo and Belief in the impossible. Our Hearts ever Seek to find the Land and those Spirits who dwell there, who is a mightier Avatar than The Horse? These creatures hold our Awe, captivate our Wonder and Inspire our Bravery. Join Us Today.

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We are the Home Off the Range.

For many of these horses we were the last stop, after many roundups, years in corrals or feedlots they find their way here. The American Wild Horse finds Sanctuary upon our properties, unique preserves catered to their needs, both survival and more humane. These Preserves are managed with Traditional Methods or Ways. These come from a variety of backgrounds to serve every horse, and by extension every person.

Our Family Grows.

These bands of horses have always led a feral life. Some come from several states away with major veterinary and transportation costs involved. To mitigate this our Operation spans several States.

We are the Sanctuary they Couldn't find.

We bring People and Horse together, for a new relationship to Blossom. We have the Horses, and Overflow every inch... Do you have some to spare? We lease and purchase too! Can you use a tax write-off? Great! We are a non-profit and want to save every horse losing its place upon the Range.


Wonderful care with their horses, the softest touch was all you ever could see, so quiet were they.