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Foal Adoption Program

Each year for select qualified adopters, a few foals are rehomed. The young horses are American Mustangs, AQHA or APHA colts or fillies. The young horses were born at the Sanctuary, many from the wild side of the range, and have been gentled, taught to lead and load in a trailer. Our Adoption fees are about $500 and are considered a donation to the Sanctuary.

For information on the Foal Adoption Program please call 605-745-7494 (8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Mountain Time)

or email iram@gwtc.net.

Qualifications for Adoptions

•    Be 18 years of age or older or with parent
•    Be financially able to properly house, feed, and provide veterinary and farrier care for the animal(s).


Facilities must meet these requirements and be constructed before your application will be approved:
•    An outside corral with a minimum of 400 square feet (20×20) per animal. Corral should not be too large (more than 50×50), as animals are easier to gentle in smaller corrals.
•    All fences and gates must be at least 6 feet high for wild horses over the age of 18 months. Five foot high fences are allowed for gentled horses, yearlings, and burros.
•    Fencing material should be 2×6 inch wooden planks spaced no more than one foot apart, rounded pipes, poles, or similar materials that do not pose a hazard to the animal. Small mesh, heavy gauge, woven wire fencing with a 2×6 inch board along the top, center and bottom is acceptable. No barb wire, no electric wire, no T-posts, no high-tensile tubing. Once gentled, the animals may be maintained in pastures or in box stalls with daily turnout.

Shelters can be a three-sided shed attached to the corral, or box stall in barn attached to corral, allowing animal to move freely between the corral and shelter. Shelter or stall space should be at least 12 X 12 feet per animal.

•    Adopters must provide their own vehicles or make private arrangements.
•    Standard covered stock trailers and horse trailers large enough for 4 or more horses are generally acceptable, contingent on final approval prior to loading. NO 1-HORSE TRAILERS. Two horse trailers are not allowed unless they are a stock type, with no internal dividers. Animals will ride loose and must have enough space to turn around.
•    No pickups with stock racks.
•    Lengthwise and slant-load dividers must be removed.

•    Donation may be made by cash, check or money order.
Halters will be put on the animal by the Sanctuary staff if requested, and must be provided by adopters.